You build your first House and dont want to be scared about loosing your Stuff against other Players? Safe it with Latch!

With /latch private you can create a Lock on your Chest,Door,Trapdoor or every interactive Block!

With /latch password [Password] you can create a Lock with a password to give your Friend access to your Chests if he knows the Password

With /latch donation you can create a Donation Chests where everyone can put Items in it but dont take it out.

With /latch delete you can remove a Lock on your Blocks(Chests,Doors etc)

With /latch info you'll get informations about the next lock you click.

With /latch list you can see a list of all your Locks

With /latch add [user] you can add the specified User to one of your Locks.

With /latch remove [user] you can remove the specified User from one of your locks.

With /unlock [password] you can unlock a Lock with the specified Password.